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What’s up this week?

October 31, 2015: Zombie no more!
Unbind him and let him go. Fervent words, said by Jesus to Lazurus’ loved ones. Release him from all signs of gripping, stinking deadness… and re-clothe him for life! No longer a zombie, Lazurus is fully alive!
Re-clothed for life. Deadness having fallen off for good. Friends who’ll walk with you in the land of the living. God’s spirit filling your lungs and your soul…
When we gather for our “All Saints Day” Worship tomorrow at Luther House, Jon Laven will lead us into reflecting on such images of living faith in a world so in need of it. We’ll sing the lovely Holden Evening Prayer and lively saintly hymns! And we’ll share Christ’s meal around the table, remembering our so-alive connection with all those who have gone before us.
So come at 4:45 to relax and share some snacks. We’ll enter into song and candlelight at 5:00. And around 6:00 Stephanie will be serving up a ravioli dinner for us to enjoy together!
Our week continues with Weds. 9pm Taize Prayer at Dwight Chapel, and Thurs. 6pm Tutoring! Hope to see you there or out around campus!
Peace beyond all fear,

Oct. 24, 2015:  Breaking, breathing, singing, eating!

Ah… Whether you call it “Fall Break” or “Reading Week”, it’s a gift, a bit of a breather. Enjoy this gift of self-care and fresh air!

It’s sweet that our breathing break comes just in time to honor Reformation Day, the day we celebrate the re-discovery of GRACE, that resuscitating gift of God that had been submerged below layers of do-thisses and fear-thats and quite a bit of oppressing greed. Though this unearthing of God’s unearned world-healing love is really more like a daily task, this annual emphasis re-minds us to re-embody that love with welling-up gratitude and new purpose for living it out loud!maple leaves fall 2014

What better way to embody grace than to sing! To sing with others! To feel in our whole selves the ecstasy of being loved and the awesome challenge to make sure others are, too.

Our Luther House community will be celebrating Reformation Sunday (10/25) in the morning (for a change!) by gathering with our siblings in faith of Bethesda Lutheran Church, where the choral voices and instrumentalists will surely send our souls soaring. Then after Worship, members of three more Lutheran congregations (and one campus ministry!) will be coming to Bethesda to have a Multi-Congregational Genuine Lutheran Potluck!

So here’s the deal. Worship’s at 9:30am (meet at Phelps Gate at 9:10 if you’d like a ride) and the Potluck’s at 11:30 (meet at Phelps Gate at 11:10 if you’d like a ride). If you’re walking, the address is 450 Whitney Ave., a 20-25 minute walk from Old Campus. Text/call Kari at 603-533-5274 as soon as you can, if you’d like a ride.

More…  Weds. 9pm Taize Evening Prayer at Dwight Chapel on Old Campus…  Thurs. 6pm Tutoring Children in The Hill neighborhood (meet at Luther House 5:40, Yale Div. School at 5:30), and one extra-special addition to our regular weekly lineup…

Thursday (10/29) 7pm – Drinks and Hymns! The YDS Lutheran Student Organization warmly welcomes all to come and make yourselves at home in the Luther House living room! The event elements are simple: Drinks. And. Hymns. We’ll have fall snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, a pianist and hymnbooks. You bring your voice and the beverage of your choice. (Alcoholic beverages are ok for those 21+.) The first note will be played at 7 PM. For more info, contact [email protected] or [email protected]. Thanks, gracious LSO students, for inviting all of us!​

~ Pastor Kari

Kari Henkelmann Keyl, Pastor, University Lutheran Ministry (Luther House)
27 High St. (just south of Chapel St.), New Haven, CT  06510

Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yalelutherhouse/ 

603-533-5274 call or text


Oct. 17, 2015:  Loving the you you hide

Learning to be gentle with yourself can be an important part of getting through this midterm-time of year. Tomorrow (10/18) at Luther House our worship time will be focused on the joy and well-being that comes from being who we are, living out authentically those parts of us the world might find unacceptable. We’ll have the privilege of hearing some reflections from student Jenny Peek who has some beautiful images of God’s part in our journeys to love the selves we burdensomely hide.

Come by 27 High St.at 4:45pm to unwind, snack, and chat with others. Then at 5:00 we’ll be led into worship by the flowing melodies of Holden Evening Prayer. Around 6:00 we’ll share a hearty home-cooked meal. Don’t hesitate to bring a friend along, especially one who could use a break from whatever’s been stressing them!

Some quick newsy notes:
~ Due to Fall Break, we’ll not be meeting for Taize Prayer or Tutoring this week.
~ Next Sunday (10/25) to celebrate Reformation Day we’ll do morning worship instead, 9:30am at Bethesda Lth.Ch. where the choral voices and instrumentalists will take us soaring to celebrate God’s​ re-discovered​ grace! Then after worship we’ll join with four New Haven churches for a Genuine Lutheran Potluck! (You don’t have to be Lutheran, btw, to enjoy this feast!)
~ Just to be clear: No evening worship at Luther House Oct. 25

~ Note to YC students: Do let me know if you’re interested in the Jewish-Christian dialog travel fellowship. (See my email to you from last Thurs., or call me for more info.)
​​God’s peace,
Pastor Kari


October 11: Extra-special guest at Luther House this week!

Our Worship & Dinner for Sunday, Oct. 11 (at 5pm, but come at 4:45 to snack and socialize, if you can!) has two special features:
1) We’ll be singing the beloved-by-many Holden Evening Prayer service, and
2) We’ll have a special guest who will share his insights for how we can experience God as powerfully active — even in places and times where life is especially challenging: Michael Dickson,Michael Dickson YAGM rep 2015 recently returned from his year with Young Adults in Global Mission, in Jerusalem.

Going to be great! Hope to see you there! If you’re not local enough to come, do join us in praying for the peace of Jerusalem and in thankgiving for all young adults who serve God all over the world, and right here in New Haven!

God’s peace,


Kari Henkelmann Keyl

Pastor, University Lutheran Ministry (Luther House)
27 High St. (just south of Chapel St.), New Haven, CT  06510

Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yalelutherhouse/

Website: yalelutherhouse.com

603-533-5274 call or text

Come when you can!  Come as you are!

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